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Causeway Bay
Address: 4/F, 111 Leighton Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong.
Phone: 2970 2382
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South Horizons
Address: UG Floor, Block 27, South Horizons, Ap lei Chau, Hong Kong
(on Lei Nam Road behind concrete sound barrier)
Phone: 2875 0452
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Thanks for contacting KinderU.

Your child's elite education will
start by KinderU inviting Dad and Mom to join our regular information session where we will tell you:

* Information about mangement team of KinderU
* What is the teaching philosophies of KinderU?
* Why you can trust you time, resources and your child to KinderU?
* What successful record KinderU has?
* Why is KinderU the leading early elite education in Asia?
* How you can best support your child's learning at home?

You will also have a chance to meet the management and ask questions. Please fill in the contact form below and our friendly staff will contact you and arrange for you to visit KinderU at a time most suitable for you and your partner.

See you soon!

KinderU Management

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